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Aquanow in the UAE

In the UAE, Aquanow operates via Aquanow ME FZE, which is incorporated in Dubai World Trade Centre, under license number L-2795 and regulated by Dubai's Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority with license activities including Broker-Dealer Services, Lending and Borrowing Services and Management and Investment Services.

In the UAE Aquanow applies the following Virtual Asset Standards:

I. Detailed Asset Profile

1. Market Capitalisation and Liquidity Analysis

The Virtual Asset's marketcap, fully diluted value, and liquidity, and whether these have trended downwards over time. Particular reference is with regard to client demand and the proportion of the asset in freefloat.

2. Design, Features, and Use Cases

The design, features, and use cases of the Virtual Asset. Whether it solves a fundamental problem or creates value for network participants; essentially its real-world functionality.

3. DLT Protocol Security and Immutability

The security and immutability of the DLT protocol. Its ability to withstand, adapt to, and improve on risks and vulnerabilities, including the safeguarding of private keys and whether the protocol has been stress-tested.

4. Future Development and Roadmap

The future development of the Virtual Asset, as communicated by the issuer or developers.

5. Code Review

The code review of the Virtual Asset, including details of any bug bounties or audits.

6. Issuer Profile

The background of the issuer, their experience in the sector, any investigations or claims of fraud or deceit, and other reputational considerations.

II. Regulatory Environment

The regulatory landscape surrounding the Virtual Asset, its issuance, and how it aligns with current laws and regulations:

1. Compliance Analysis

Features of the Virtual Asset that may affect Aquanow's compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to AML/CFT, sanctions, securities, and intellectual property.

2. Regulatory Approvals and Prohibitions

If the issuance of the Virtual Asset has received any regulatory approvals, or if it is prohibited by any authorities in jurisdictions where Aquanow provides Virtual Asset services.

III. Legal Analysis

The legal implications and other aspects of the Virtual Asset.

1. Asset Value Representation and Enforceability

If the asset represents rights to other assets and the enforceability of these rights. Confirmation if sufficient assets are available to meet the obligations associated with Virtual Asset activities

2. Legal

The legal analysis of the Virtual Asset, including whether it's considered a security, commodity, or otherwise.

3. Market Analysis and Manipulation Risks

The potential for market manipulation and relevant mitigation measures. The Virtual Asset's terms and conditions, and their correlation with any underlying physical market, if applicable. This includes other exchanges or broker-dealers that support the asset, and the regulations governing those exchanges or broker-dealers.

4. Transaction Monitoring and Traceability

The traceability of the Virtual Asset, if the Virtual Asset allows for the identification of transaction counterparties, and if on-chain transactions can be adequately monitored.

5. Suspension Conditions and Procedures

The conditions under which activities in relation to the Virtual Asset may be suspended, including the operational procedures and controls that will be implemented under such circumstances.

6. Potential Conflicts of Interest and Mitigations

Any potential or actual conflicts of interest that may arise from providing services with respect to the Virtual Asset, and a detailed description of the mitigation strategies.

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