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Launch crypto trading on your brokerage or exchange platform.


Market data

Stream live order book to your app, and add your local flows and markup fees.


Trade execution

Offer a list of cryptocurrencies paired with your local currency for trading.



Simplify with net settlement workflows to minimize capital and cost.



Manage customer accounts with your system or use the Aquanow portal.

Case studies


Bitbuy is a leading regulated crypto exchange platform in Canada, owned by publicly-listed company Wonderfi Technologies that serves over 1.6 million retail customers.

Aquanow worked closely with Bitbuy as its liquidity and infrastructure partner to launch its business in 2019 within the Canadian regulatory context.

Aquanow continues to support Bitbuy and its related Wonderfi companies on new features, payments, and wealth management initiatives.

Rakuten Wallet
Rakuten Wallet

Rakuten Wallet is a registered crypto exchange in Japan, and subsidiary of large publicly-traded Japanese conglomerate Rakuten. Rakuten Wallet offers Rakuten online banking customers trading services for several major cryptocurrencies.

Aquanow is a liquidity provider to Rakuten Wallet, aggregating liquidity from its global sources and for efficient settlement in Japanese Yen.

Why Aquanow

One-stop shop

Rely on Aquanow solutions to achieve your business objectives, from proof-of-concept to integrated offerings.

Less time and cost

Speed up your product launch with Aquanow solutions that minimize both time and resources.

Simplify complexity

Partner with our expertise and easily integrate with our flexible platform to simplify your implementation.

Aquanow is the world’s leading infrastructure provider for enabling crypto brokerage.