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Embed crypto financial services for your business or superapp.



Accept crypto payments with compliant solutions without touching crypto.



Adopt crypto solutions for FX and remittance across global entities.



Invest treasury savings for short-term yield or crypto exposure.

Case studies

Multinational corporation

One of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of consumer products is looking to mitigate its local currency exposure for its subsidiary in a Latin American country.

The multinational corporation wants to manage local currency risks through crypto, and potentially remit capital to other global affiliates. Aquanow structured an integrated treasury management solution with its local country partners for the company.

Why Aquanow

One-stop shop

Rely on Aquanow solutions to achieve your business objectives, from proof-of-concept to integrated offerings.

Less time and cost

Speed up your product launch with Aquanow solutions that minimize both time and resources.

Simplify complexity

Partner with our expertise and easily integrate with our flexible platform to simplify your implementation.

Aquanow is working on fully compliant crypto use cases across industries.